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An Ounce of feminine tops for the confident woman

Here you’ll find our collection of feminine tops with a classic touch for the modern woman, all from An Ounce. We love making tops that give off a classic feel, since it can help any girl or woman’s outfit look a bit more classy, and help her feel a bit more confident while wearing it. We try to make a range of tops so that you can have one to wear for any occasion you’d like, even the everyday kind of occasions like working at the office or anywhere else you’d work where you want to look as confident as you are underneath the skin. But if it’s not necessarily the confident and maybe even charismatic look you’re going for, but just want to look casual and feel comfortable, we also have tops that can help you achieve that.

Quality tops for both summer and winter seasons

It doesn’t matter much if it’s either summer or winter. At An Ounce we have tops that can keep you perfectly warm during summer evenings, while still making you look fashionable during winter days if you wear a jacket, coat or just a chunky knit over it. Our tops come with sleeves, without sleeves, and in both long and short styles. You can choose from various colors in order to find something that fits your taste, and the materials we make them in are all in premium quality, and yet also very comfortable to wear.

Shop scandinavian design tops online at

When browsing through our collections, you’ll notice that most of the clothes you find from An Ounce has certain things in common. All of it, our tops too, have been designed based on inspiration from different design cultures. We are scandinavians by heart, and that’s why we prefer taking the minimalistic approach during the design process. But not only that. We like to spice things up a bit, and we have reached the conclusion that when we combine scandinavian minimalism with the subtle richness you find from design clothing originating from Asia, you get something that makes you shine when in crowds, even though the color choices aren’t the brightest. Our tops and cardigans are an example of that, and you’ll notice it straight away when you wear it for the first time and look at yourself in the mirror.