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An Ounce of classy skirts and shorts for the modern woman

Welcome to our skirts and shorts section of An Ounce. As you may have noticed, our styles are oriented towards the modern woman who wants to feel confident in her clothes. Our shorts and skirts can be used for many different occasions, like the long nights out in town, dinner parties, summer evenings or maybe just everyday things like at work or when relaxing at home. What all our skirts and shorts have in common is, that they have a classic feel to them that makes you look a bit more classy while wearing them. But just because our shorts and skirts have a classic touch, that doesn’t mean the types of outfits you can wear along with them are limited. The reason behind this is that not only do we go for the minimalistic and classic design approach - we also bring our experience and inspiration from working in Asia with us in the process, by adding a subtle richness in the details of both our shorts and skirts. A subtle richness that is often seen in asian fashion industries. This asian inspiration makes An Ounce skirts, shorts and clothing in general much easier to combine with nearly anything in your current wardrobe.

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We have a special selection of short skirts and long skirts, in various colors and textures, for you to choose your new favorite. We make them in a mix of materials in order to ensure both comfort and endurance, without compromising on the design. These materials include polyester, rayon and spandex, and in some cases even nylon and acrylic. If you want to add a couple of skirts to your wardrobe that will make you feel comfortable and classy at the same time, while expressing to your surroundings that you are a confident modern woman, the official online store of An Ounce is the right place to start looking. If you order either skirts or shorts online from us, we’ll make sure the delivery happens nicely and easily, without ripping you off with unreasonably high shipping costs.