Scarves from An Ounce prepares you for the winter season

Here you’ll find our fine collection of carefully designed scarves from An Ounce. Scarves are something we all need in our wardrobe, since this kind of accessory plays a huge role in defining the rest of our outfits. Especially if what you’re aiming for is the modern winter woman look. In that case, a woolen scarf is the last piece of the puzzle that makes the final and full expression come through. The scarves we have from An Ounce mostly consists of wool, and are all with a classic touch, in order for you to feel both confident and classy when walking out the door during the colder days of the year. The most popular scarf we currently have is the Anemone scarf, made in 100% wool that surely will keep your neck and chest warm when needed. It’s available in a range of uncommon colors like grey melange, latte and smoke, and the more basic colors like black and brown.

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In regards to the design process behind our scarves and clothing from An Ounce overall, we start out with a Scandinavian minimalistic approach to provide the classy style to it. Afterwards, we make good use of our experience and observations from working with fashion in Asia, and bring in some of that subtle richness that we have been inspired by over there. This subtle richness is either noticeable through the choice of color, the texture of the cloth, the materials we use or the total design. We think mixing cultures up a bit results in innovative and interesting clothing, and our scarves are no exception to that. Shop online at our official An Ounce webshop. Then we will make sure the delivery goes smoothly, and that the shipping costs will affordable. If you live in Denmark, it’s definitely affordable, considering the shipping costs here are equal to zero.