Jackets and blazers

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Hello there! And welcome to our jackets collection. This is where you’ll find jackets of various kinds, and even blazers once in a while too. As you may have noticed by now, most of the clothing we design here at An Ounce has a classic feel to it. The reason behind that might be that we are scandinavians by heart, and therefore choose to make good use of the minimalistic design approach that we know best. But other than having scandinavian hearts, our mindsets have been influenced a lot by working in the fashion industry in Asia. That’s why you’ll see that our jackets may be classy and minimalistic, but not all the way around. We like to add some subtle richness to our jackets as well as any other clothing we design and produce, since we believe that you can stand out from a crowd this way, even though the design seems minimalistic, sophisticated and clean.