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An Ounce of classic dresses for the modern woman

If you’re a woman who once in a while has a need to look and feel feminine, you know just as well as we do, that having a couple of dresses in your wardrobe is an absolute necessity. If you’re planning to have a night out in town and you haven’t yet found a solution as to how you want to look stunning, we have dresses here at An Ounce that can assist you in reaching that exact goal. When designing our dresses, we take great care in making dresses that make you look feminine in a classic way, as any modern woman would, and make you feel confident while doing it. Our design is heavily inspired by a mix of two different design cultures - scandinavian minimalism in combination with subtle asian richness. The result is dresses that, with the use of basic colors, make you stand out from the crowd in a positive way.

Dresses of timeless design for any occasion

Throughout our selection of An Ounce dresses you’ll discover that most of them can be worn for nearly any occasion. Let it be everyday at the office where you want to show people around you your sophisticated self, or at parties where you just want your beauty to shine bright in the eyes of onlookers. Our classic styled black dresses might be what you may consider to be timeless in their designs, but despite that they will make any outfit look more fashionable. You can pair up our dresses with your favorite high heels for the fully feminine look, but in case you want to mix it up a bit with a pair of sneakers for the purpose of comfortability and the more casual look, you can quite easily do that just as well.

Shop fashionable dresses of high quality online at AnounceCPH.com

We have mostly black dresses and a few white dresses, whereas some are made in materials like 100% viscose and polyester, while others are made in mostly polyester mixed with a minor amount of spandex for a more comfortable fit. Quality matters to us just as much as design does, and you will notice that both when you put on one of our dresses for the first time ever, and when you take a good look at it after having worn it plenty of times. We want you to have at least one dress in your wardrobe that stays relevant all year around, no matter what is fashionable and what isn’t. A dress that stays the same quality it was when you first bought it, even though you’ve been using it more frequently than any other dress in your wardrobe.