An Ounce of action is worth a ton of theory

You may be wondering why we chose to call our brand An Ounce, and we don’t blame you, because it can be a bit hard to figure out all on your own. Have you ever heard the saying “an ounce of action is worth a ton of theory”? The saying itself is in some way self explanatory, but how we have used it to define our brand is not. We define the woman of an ounce as someone who stands out from the crowd in a positive way, because of her energetic and ambitious personality traits. Her wardrobe consists of clothes that she combines through curious experimentation, to create her own version of the modern woman. A woman of an ounce is worth a ton of theory.

Upcoming scandinavian clothing brand with a fashion touch from Asia

An Ounce is an upcoming Scandinavian fashion brand, located in Denmark, and we as designers are scandinavian by heart. We know minimalistic design all too well, and it shows throughout our various collections. But we haven’t lived in Denmark all our lives. During the last many years we’ve been spending time travelling around Asia, working in the fashion industry as designers, and these years of experience and observation have influenced us a whole lot. The subtle richness of Asian fashion culture became a source of inspiration to us, and when we went back home, we just couldn’t let it slip. We decided to make good use of the best from two different fashion cultures, Scandinavia and Asia, and ended up establishing An Ounce, with the intention of designing women’s and girls fashion clothing that combines scandinavian minimalism and asian subtle richness, all at reasonable price levels.



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